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Livarot - one of the oldest and greatest of Normandy cheeses, Livarot is a monastic French cheese (from the commune at Livarot), easily identified by its washed rind and pungent aroma!  Livarot is also known as 'The Colonel' due to the 5 strips of raffia that encircle the cheese, similar to those worn on the uniform of a French army Colonel's uniform. 

This superb little cheese has a a wonderful soft and creamy taste with little holes giving a springy texture. Livarot has a slight nutty flavour with hints of slightly salty, lemony, spiciness.  Left at room temperature it can become quite runny!  Each small Livarot has been carefully hand washed in brine with a hint of annato and left to mature for up to 2 months in the perfectly humid cellars.  

The town of Livarot in Normandy, France is the twinned town to South Molton, North Devon.

Best enjoyed with a full bodied red wine.  

Cow's Milk, Pasteurised, Not Suitable for Vegetarians.

The Cheese Larder is based in the historic market town of South Molton, North Devon, and offers a superb range of local, West Country, British and Continental cheese, together with a wide and varied range of chutneys, jams, pickles, charcuterie, wines, spirits, ales and cider!  We aim to source as many of our products as locally as possible. 

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