Cornish Seaweed Sea Salt

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Cornish Seaweed Sea Salt - the yin and yang of the sea! This nutritious duo of sustainable seaweed and natural sea salt is rich in vitamins and minerals. Sprinkle over salads and steamed vegetables or invigorating stir-frys. Also delicious with fluffy mash and pasta. 

Hand harvested from the clear Cornish waters, naturally lower in sodium than table salt the sea salt combined with seaweed to bring a little ocean goodness into your cooking with a burst of flavour.  Did you know that seaweed is the most nutritionally dense food on our planet?

The Cornish Sea Salt Company was born in 2008 on the shores of the Lizard in Cornwall and is certainly making waves in the culinary world - chefs love the unique flavours and textures and food producers are using it in all manner of products from butter to biscuits, chips to choc ices!

Have a look at the range of flavoured Sea Salts they produce to give your cooking an added zing! 

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