Proper Seville Marmalade

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Proper Seville Marmalade!  Award winning marmalade with chunks of peel and a proper bitter edge giving an English kick to the morning!

Handmade in small batches here in North Devon, The Proper Marmalade Company (formerly Cranfields Marmalades) firmly believe that every 'properly made' marmalade begins with whole fresh fruit and sugar. Fresh complimentary ingredients are then added, root ginger, fresh horseradish or fresh chillies, finest quality rich chocolate, Scotch whisky or essential oil. Keeping to tradition (it's only proper!) the marmalades are cooked in open pans in small batches in their North Devon kitchen then poured into jars ready for you to enjoy.  

Colour may vary between batched depending on the skin colour of the fruit used, but not the richness of flavour. Like wine, Seville marmalade matures and darkens with bitter notes developing.

Marmalade is not just for toast! It marries well with cheese, is sublime in puddings and as an ingredient in sauces and chocolates. For the more adventurous why not try the 'Improper Marmalades', the Lemon and Horseradish goes particularly well with smoked fish or cheese scones. 

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