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Sharpham Brie, a fabulous, handmade unpasteurised soft cheese from the Sharpham Dairy in Totnes.  Made to their own secret recipe since 1980 this award-winning, coulommiers type cheeese has been mould ripened to give a unique buttery flavour and creamy texture.

Made by hand, the curds for the Sharpham cheese are hand ladled into moulds and turned 3 times in the first five hours after moulding. The next morning the cheeses are taken from their moulds and placed on draining racks for 24 hours before being brined, left for 7 days (to grow their 'coats') whilst being turned daily. Once the coat has fully grown they are wrapped in breathable paper and matured to four weeks.

On release the cheese continually ripens, turning from chalky to meltingly soft and gooey!

Winner of a Silver Award at the British Cheese Awards 2013 and Silver at the Taste of the West Awards 2013.

Other cheeses in the Sharpham range include their ever popular Rustics, the gentle Ticklemore Goat's Cheese and their newest addition, Cremet (a powerful soft goat's cheese with added cream).

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