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Sharpham Ticklemore Goat's Cheese, a pastuerised, semi-hard, handmade, award winning Goat's cheese from the Sharpham Dairy in Totnes. Made with vegetable rennet and therefore suitable for vegetarians, this cheese has a moist, slightly crumble, mellow taste with a slight zesty/lemony flavour running through.  It can sometimes be soft just under the white bloomy rind and has a pure white body which contrasts beautifully with the golden yellow of their Jersey cows milk cheeses.Ticklemore Goat's cheese is brilliant matched with figs and ripe pears, medjool dates and beetroot.  Particularly good in salads the Ticklemore can be used anywhere melted cheese is needed in a recipe.

The goat milk that goes into the Ticklemore has been produced by Will & Su at Button Farm for over thirty years. An attractive cheese and one of the best they work with in the Dairy, Freshly made cheese is drained into the cheese moulds for 48 hours, then hand salted and moved to a cold maturing room. Here it is turned regularly and the white bloomy mould is rubbed by hand weekly thus forming the thin natural rind of the cheese. After 3 to 4 weeks the cheese is ready to be dispatched! 

Goat's Milk, Pasteurised, Suitable for Vegetarians

Another Award Winner for the Sharpham Dairy the awards for the Ticklemore include a Gold at the British Cheese Awards 2014, Gold at the Taste of the West Awards 2014, Gold at the Global Cheese Awards 2013 to name a few!

Other cheeses in the Sharpham range include the Rustic, the Rustic with Chives & Garlic, the buttery Sharpham Brie and their newest addition the Sharpham Cremet (a powerfully strong and creamy Goat's Brie with added double cream).

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