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Sharpham Rustic (formerly known as Devon Rustic) with Garlic & Chive is a fabulous artisan handmade cheese from the Sharpham Dairy in Totnes.  This semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese has been made with Jersey cow milk, giving it a wonderful buttery, fresh, savoury flavour due to the fresh pureed garlic and chopped chives which compliment the creamy character of the cheese.  This Chive & Garlic Rustic is the key ingredient of their Vineyard Cafe's signature dish - the Mint & Pea Fritters!

Chives and garlic are added to the Rustic before moulding. After hand moulded into baskets, the cheese is drained for 48 hours before being dry salted by hand. As the coat of the cheese grows it is rubbed by hand to form the thin natural rind and turned weekly,  After maturing for around a month the cheese is ready for sale,  

A winner of many awards including Silver at the Taste of the West Awards 2014, Bronze at the British Cheese Awards and Gold at the Global Cheese Awards 2013 are to name a few!

Other cheeses in the Sharpham range include the Plain Rustic, the Ticklemore (mild and creamy Goat's Cheese), the buttery Sharpham Brie and their newest addition the Sharpham Cremet (a powerfully strong and creamy Goat's Brie with added double cream).

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