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Reblochon, a magnificent, soft, washed rind mountain cheese from the Haute-Savoire region of France, Decreed an AOC cheese back in 1958 (therefore subject to strict rules and regulations) this is a lightly pressed, full cream cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Reblochon cheese has a fine velvety rind varying from yellow to orange in colour with a close textured consistency.  Matured for a minimum of two weeks, Reblochon has a mild fruity flavour with a slight nutty aftertaste. Excellent as part of a cheeseboard or melted onto jacket potatoes, Reblochon is probably best known as the key ingredient in the winter dish 'Tartiflette'.

According to legend, Reblochon was born back in the 13th Century by ingenious herdsmen when farmers were completely dependent on landowners who insisted that all the herds milk was their property.  At milking time herdsmen did not quite complete the milking and after the 'controllers' had left and the rent had been paid, the herdsmen finished the milking - they 'reblochaient'. From this the cheese was named Reblochon made with the creamy milk of the second milking (the verb 'reblocher' means to pinch the udder again!). 

Available to buy either online or through our shop, The Cheese Larder.  We are situated just off the market square in South Molton, at the top of South Street, less than a minutes walk from our historic Pannier Market.  Why not pop in to see our amazing selection of cheeses? Don;t forget to ask for a taster!

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