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Cornish Kern, from the cheese-makers who bring us the well known Cornish Yarg, this washed-curd cheese is made from the pasteurised milk of the Pengreep herd.  Handmade by Lynher Dairies near Truro, this Cornish Kern cheese packs a punch of flavours ranging from rich and nutty to savoury and smooth! Modified from a Dutch recipe where the curds are washed in warm water during the cheese making process, results in a slightly sweeter cheese with a hint of caramel, the cheese is covered in a breathable black wax type of rind and allowed to mature for up to 16 months. Winner of the best English Cheese 2013, Reserve Champion at the Global Cheese Awards 2014 and Super-Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2016!


Cow's Milk, Pasteurised,

Here at The Cheese Larder, located in The Old Dairy at South Molton, we have a wide range of local, West Country, British and Continental cheeses (including the Cornish Yarg and Garlic Yarg made by the same cheesemakers). Why not visit us next time you are in South Molton?  We are located at the end of the Square, a very short walk from the covered historic Pannier Market.  

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