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Bleu de Causses, a superb French blue cheese, cave aged in natural limestone caves and made from the unpasteurised milk of the Montbeliarde and Aubrac breeds of cow. A close cousin to Roquefort it is made in the Languedoc region of Southern France and was granted AOC protected name status back in 1979.

Traditionally the cheese was made from a mixture of sheep's milk mixed with either goat's or cow's milk, but according to French laws the cheese is now made exclusively from cow's milk.   Matured for a minimum of 70 days up to 6 months in Gorge's du Tarn natural limestone caves which gives its distinctive tangy, moist, creamy and spicy flavours, this cheese is a must for blue cheese lovers.  It pairs excellently with a sweet white wine. 

Cow's milk, Unpasteurised

At The Cheese Larder in South Molton we have a lovely selection of blue cheeses ranging from the mild Montagnolo to the powerful Colston Bassett Stilton.  Why not pop in next time you are visiting and come and see our wide range of cheese together with our complimentary products, the majority of which are locally sourced.  

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