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Ossau Iraty - Said to be one of the first cheeses ever made, Ossau Iraty is a hard sheep's milk cheese made in the South West of France in two regions along the Spanish border - in the Northern Basque Country's Iraty beech forest and the neighbouring Ossau valley. These two places lie in the green rolling foothills of the Western Pyrenees and are the namesake for the cheese! Ossau Iraty is one of only 2 cheeses with protected AOC status in France (the other being Roquefort).

Ossau Iraty is a delicious hard ewe's cheese with a creamy, buttery, sweet nutty, robust flavour produced from the milk of Manech ewes.  Milk produced during the summer months is used in the production of this cheese. As a young cheese the texture is sweet and creamy, but as it ages the texture changes with it losing its creamy yield and developing calcium crystals that result in a wonderful subtle crunch.  A welcome addition to any cheese board, the cheese pairs extremely well with juicy figs or ripe pears and cured meats.

Here at the Cheese Larder we have a lovely selection of local and continental ewe's milk cheeses from the local Somerset Fosse Way Fleece to the creamy, silky Brebiou.  Why not pop in next time you visit South Molton and see our range.

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