Set of 4 Beer Glasses

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A lovely boxed set of 4 different beer glasses each designed to bring our the best in our local ales! Whether savouring the new IPA or enjoying a local stout, these glasses are perfect for any drinking occasion.  Why not team them up with a selection of local beers from Devon - a great gift for the man in your life!  

The 4 glasses comprise a Pilsner, the narrow base and flared top sustains a frothy head and crisp carbonation, the Classic Pub, the robust shape complimenting a wide range of brews, the Wheat Beer, the curved top promotes a solid head whilst the base is designed to trap sediment common in wheat beers and the Stout, shaped to release a steady flow of carbonation and produce a large fluffy head.  All are suitable for dishwashers!

At the Cheese Larder, South Molton we have a wide range of local Ales which would make a great gift with this set of glasses, including the well known Exmoor Ales and Hunter Brewery Beers.  Pop in and have a look next time you are in South Molton. We are a short walk from the Square in South Molton. Parking is easy either within the covered Pannier Market (not Thursday or Saturday mornings when the market is on!) or the larger pay and display car park.


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