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La Tourangelle Almond Oil - handcrafted in an old artisan oil mill in the Loire Valley, this oil will add a delicious toasted almond twist to your salad dressings, appetisers, desserts and other culinary creations. Perfect also for stir-fry's.

Almond Oil is produced only from quality almonds, the old millstone used to be turned by horses, nowadays it has been mechanicalised to crush the kernels into a course powder which is then slow roasted in large containers called poelettes which allows the evaporation of water and the release of the aromas. This pulp is then allowed to cool before being placed in a hydraulic press to extract and filter the oil (the residue being sold as cattle feed). 

Huilerie Croix Verte in Saummer is one of the few Mills remaining that continue with authentic artisan productions. Time-honoured methods and true dedication result in oils of exceptional quality and finesse. Enliven dressings for salad, vegetables and meat. Discover there is life after extra virgin oil!

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At the Cheese Larder, South Molton we have a whole range of infused oils and balsamic vinegars on tap too, why not pop into our shop next time you are passing?  We are a short walk from the Pannier Market Car Park located just off the Square.  You will be assured of a warm, friendly welcome.

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