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The Norwegian Jarlsberg Cheese  is famous around the world for its distinctively sweet and nutty taste and its large round holes.  Created by Anders Larsen Bakke, it resembles a Swiss Emmental with its distinctive open and irregular 'eyes'.  Beneath the yellow wax rind of the Jarslberg cheese is a semi-firm yellow interior that is buttery and rich with a mild nutty flavour. Wonderfully versatile, whether in sandwiches, fondues, quiches or hot dishes, or even as part of your cheeseboard, this cheese also makes an irresistable cheeky late night snack!

Jarlsberg is based on a secret Norwegian recipe dating back to 1855 .... so secret that only a handful of trusted people know it.

Why not make the ultimate Croque Monsieur using this delicious cheese, or be a little more adventurous and make creamy pasta with crayfish?

Cows Mlk.   Pasteurised.   Not suitable for Vegetarians.


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